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7 ways to make your old phone look new

If you don’t want to spend a small fortune getting a new phone, follow these tips to spruce up your current model’s looks and performance. Why you don’t need to spend a fortune on a phone is because some industry experts believe we’ve reached a “peak phone” moment — the point where there’s no longer any real need to upgrade your phone.

For instance, if you’re using an iPhone 7s Plus, there might not be any real need to upgrade to an 8 Plus or even iPhone X; likewise, a Samsung Galaxy S7 might not perform that badly than an S8. So, why spend a bunch of money just to get a slightly faster processor or slightly improved camera?

According to , the following are ways to make your old phone seem new again.

Install a new battery

Over time, phone batteries lose capacity; and thankfully, there’s a way of getting around it. Even if your phone is sealed, it may be possible to install a new battery by contacting the manufacturer or a trusted dealer.

Nothing makes a phone feel like new again like getting a new battery for it.

Buy a new case

Wrap your lovely phone inside a case to prevent it from gravity related mishaps, such as a busted screen. A case also provides more than just protection: It can change the whole look of your phone. If you’ve been walking around with, say, basic black, how about swapping it for fire-engine red? Or a case with your favourite team’s logo? You can also use different cases for different  occasions. There’s really no better way to give your phone an external makeover.

Try a new launcher

Now let’s focus on the inside of your phone, specifically the screen that greets you when you turn it on. There are makeover options here as well. Android users can choose from a huge assortment of themes and launchers that can dramatically transform a phone’s user interface. iPhone users can’t really transform iOS. But you can choose a different wallpaper, and perhaps spend some time organising your icons into folders — anything that makes the interface feel new for a while.

Add some accessories

One way to create a feeling of newness is to change the way you handle your phone. For example, you can mount a professional mobile camera on your phone to take quite interesting shots. You can also install a car mount that puts it up near eye level, on or near the top of your dashboard.

Add more storage

If you’ve been thinking about a new phone because the old one is running out of storage, consider an external storage.

A wireless media hub, for example, can sit inside your pocket or purse while streaming gigabytes’ worth of music, video and more to your phone. You can also get a memory stick, which isn’t much larger than a traditional flash drive, but still offers wireless streaming for Android and iOS devices.

Try features you’ve ignored

Finally, plumb the depths of what your phone has to offer.

Many of us barely scratch the surface of its capabilities, to the point where trying out existing features might make you feel like you’re using a whole new model. For example, did you know that many phones can track your steps and sleep?

Did you know you can use your phone to make payments?

Why don’t you spend some time on your device and try new features?

Add wireless charging


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