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Nurses are critical to cancer care in Nigeria

The Head Nurse, Oncology Department, Eko Hospital, Lagos, Achomadu Chiji, has said nurses play a critical role in the prevention and management of cancer.

Chiji spoke at a cancer awareness seminar titled, ‘Role of Nursing in Control of Breast Cancer.’

According to her, oncology nurses are those who focus on preventing cancer, caring for cancer patients and survivors.

Chiji said, “Caring for cancer patients is very rewarding but it is also a physically, mentally and emotionally-demanding job. Oncology nurses should demonstrate the ultimate level of empathy and do all to ensure their patients safety.

“They must keep track of numerous details throughout the day for each patient and they are likely have to tend to several patients daily.”

The Director, Lakeshore Cancer Centre, Bindiya Chugani-Sadarangani, said the training was a continuous development for nurses to increase early detection of cancer.

She said, “Cancer is a traumatic disease that is on the increase. The more we educate people about the warning signs of the disease and promote health, the fewer patients  we are likely to see with advanced cancer.”

Sadarangani,  who advised women to do self-breast examination and clinical checks regularly, added that the centre was offering free clinical breast check to women over the age of 21  and other cancer checks at discounted rates in November.


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