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Possible Deadline Day Deals

1. Phillipe Coutinho to Barcelona: This is a saga that has gone on for a while. The Brazilian wants to go but the Reds want at least another season from their talisman. Barca are desperate. This could go either way.

2. Gareth Bale to Man United - Reports suggest that Bale is unsettled and that the Welshman would prefer a move back to the league where he made his name. Title contenders United seem interested in the pacy winger.

3. Thomas Lemar to Barca/Liverpool - Lemar is one of the few gems remaining from the title winning Monaco team. The Reds and the Catalans seem to have developed a Transfer rivalry. Irrespective of which club the player chooses, he could end up as the alternative for Coutinho either way.

4. Sanchez to Man City - Pep dreams of a team of 10 attackers. He has 9. 'Demoralised' Alexis Sanchez is his target. If this one goes through, the fans could turn on Arsene.

5. Raheem Sterling to Arsenal - But the Frenchman has an ace up his sleeve. He reportedly wants another winger+cash for Sanchez. Sterling may not be anywhere near the class of the experienced Chilean but at least he is good enough to play for the Gunners.

6. Ross Barkley, Danny Drinkwater to Chelsea - The defending champs are on the lookout for a Matic replacement. After being turned down by the Ox, they are actively pursuing Leicester's Drinkwater. Barkley hopes he can escape the Merseyside Blues and step up.

7. Ox, VVD to Liverpool - What is a transfer window without the Reds signing a Saints player. Ox is a product of their academy and shares the Dutchman's desire to play under Klopp. £75mil to go with the apology in July could see Southampton begrudgingly let go off VVD.

8. Divock Origi to Monaco - The Belgian could be used in a makeshift loan deal to bring Lemar to Liverpool. A return to France might do some good for Origi who has fallen down the pecking order.

9. Mamadou Sakho to Crystal Palace - Yes. The French defender is still around and apparently kicks the ball outside Melwood. Frank de Boer wants to save his job and believes Sakho is the man. The Reds are demanding £30 million. The Eagles are hoping for some final day discounts.

10. Jonny Evans to Man City/Arsenal/Everton - The West Brom man is suddenly hot property. Pep needs a ball playing defender and Man United fans swear that his passing is underrated. Everton have been compulsive shoppers this window and don't want to miss out on the fun. Arsenal.. well they need players.


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